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Swivel Shower Chair 2.0: MHSCII


    • Redesigned swivel and bearing mechanism for added strength and stability
    • Swivels 360° and locks in 90° increments
    • Swivel action reduces skin sheer
    • Removeable arm rests
    • Height adjustable legs
    • Padded seat, back and arm rest
    • Drainage holes for easy water exit
    • Stainless steel pin is spring loaded and self locking
    • 300 lbs weight capacity
    • Weight - 10 lbs
    • Rustproof, lightweight aluminum
    • Tool free assembly
    • Fits most bathtubs

Assembly Guide

34 reviews for Swivel Shower Chair 2.0

Karen Ballard – April 4, 2018

Check to make sure that the chair can turn easily

I LOVE it as it works nicely in my smallish shower. A little pricey, but I feel so safe on the chair, the $$$ are worth it. Remember to measure the width of the internal shower space to ensure that the seat can turn without hitting the shower wall.

Elizabeth A Ronksley – March 27, 2018

Ease and safety

The swivel shower chair makes it much easier and safer for me to get in and out of the shower. The lever is easy to pull out and the chair locks back into.place.

Molly – March 26, 2018

Safe and solid chair. Recommend.

Best thing I could have bought. I have to be none weight bearing on one leg for several months and a regular transfer bench just didn’t feel safe enough. I have used this several times and it is solid and safe. The arms are strong and just where they are handy to grab. Highly recommend.

Susie Fulton – March 25, 2018

Five Stars

The MOBB premium bathroom swivel shower bath chair works great. Very comfortable. Good purchase.

kfloyd – March 20, 2018


Great shower seat!! Lo e the fact that it swivels. My fiance had a stroke last year and had a hard time getting in tub because he has limited use of his right side. This makes it so much easier for him to get in the tub. I actually slipped and fell in the shower it hurt my knee and used it for about a week!!

Kim – February 23, 2018

Great sturdy product

This is an amazing product very sturdy and the swivel chair is so helpful to me on the days I need it. Very happy with this chair.

MOBBHHC Customer – February 21, 2018

Carefully check specs of tub and chair. If you have a right or left shower, makes a differnce.

The prce was good compared to other models. It was easy to put together and comfortable to sit on. i measured our tub and compared to specs, but it barelly fit in. I had to take off the right hand handle to get the seat to rotate. I do have a built in soap dish that extends about 2 inches. The locking handle since it is on the right/inside of the tub also has barely enough room to unlock and turn. My husband is 5 foot 6 inches and the legs at their lowest are too high for him to get on comfortably.

Dave Fritz – February 14, 2018

Much better than the transfer bench

Much better than the transfer bench that my wife used to use. She can actually sit in the shower now and close the door. Before she had to be very careful so water wouldn't spray on the floor.

Davel – January 29, 2018

Well made product!

This is a very comfortable, well made shower chair. I highly recommend it!

Niene – January 7, 2018

I love it so much that I don’t think I’ll take ...

I bought this for my husband & me to use after our surgeries. I love it so much that I don't think I'll take it out of the shower

Designmaven – January 1, 2018

Very stable and easy to use!!

I feel very stable and safe in this chair due to the wide-splayed legs, sturdy high back and armrests, especially while swiveling. And the swivel makes it super-easy to get in and out of the shower stall, as well as to rinse on all sides. The leg height can be adjusted during assembly or by lying the chair on its side. If I hadn't found this chair I would have had to consider paying for an expensive walk-in tub. I use this chair in a shower stall that had replaced a bathtub, so the stall has a rectangular footprint and a flat floor - I have not used it in a tub. In order to provide more elbow room for swiveling we removed the sliding glass door panels from the shower stall - the model I have unhook quite easily - but left the door frame up, and added a shower curtain on a simple tension rod. These were all simple changes that required no alterations to the permanently mounted fixtures, and are easily reversible.

DWC – December 12, 2017

Fantastic Chair

I bought a MOBB shower chair several years ago directly from Canada. Increasing age (I'm in my 90th year) and various physical issues have rendered me quite disabled. Nonetheless, I still live independently and it's products such as the MOBB chair that make that possible. I would not be able to take a shower unless I had this chair always available in my step-in shower. I can sit in the chair before entering the shower, swivel around and easily take a shower without fear of falling, and then swivel around to exit the shower.

Charliegirl03 – December 10, 2017

Definitely worth the money!

It was tough to get myself to spend the money for this chair. But I needed one that was higher than most so I got it. I'm glad I did! I have a different shower chair that I used for a prior injury. But after having hip reconstruction surgery I needed a taller chair because I couldn't sit low, and I wanted one with high arms to help me sit and stand. The swivel feature was not something I was specifically looking for, but I sure am glad I have that feature also. This chair is extremely stable, so easy to get in and out of, and easy to swivel. The feet suction to my solid surface shower stall but move easily when needed. Everything about this chair is great. It was easy enough for my husband to assemble. It is plenty tall enough for my need. I don't even have it as tall as it could go. I'm so glad I forced myself to buy this chair! I've used it for five weeks now and every day I've said I'm happy I got it.

Jonscheffing – November 28, 2017

Ever wanted to rotate in the shower?

This is great I can get in the shower one way and rotate 90 degrees to get to the controls. I do think the glue used to hold the soft foam needs to be stronger mine is coming off in the backrest.

FJK – November 25, 2017

Be aware this is NOT returnable

I'd give it 5 stars if not for the foam coming partly off the seat back after the first shower. It works very well, swivel is smooth and chair is sturdy, simple to put together too. Had some difficulty getting 2 of the legs to fit because rubber edging was too thick, preventing any of the 4 legs from fitting into the sections where they lock into the seat. Be sure to measure carefully before ordering as it is not returnable.

Skeeter1 – September 29, 2017

Five Stars

As advertised works well for my mom.

MOBBHHC Customer – September 29, 2017

Five Stars

Like it :)

Kindle Customer – September 26, 2017

LOVE the swivel on this chair! So easy to get over high tub!

Great, solid, clean looking chair. Use without arms and turn sideways to fit in my narrow tub. Doesn't matter which way it faces because seat swivels so if you have narrow tub works well. Great for amputee who cannot step over high tub wall. Just love this product and color blends away with white and grey of bathtub and tile and brushed silver fixtures. Oh, and it adjusts much higher than most tub chairs!

Kirsten Carner – July 30, 2017

Security for the unsecured

My husband has had several stokes, needed a shower chair higher than conventional chairs. This is perfect. We both like the swivel and how safe he now feels in the shower. Thank you for making a great product. Well worth the money.

CAS – July 30, 2017

Five Stars

This product works perfect for larger walk in shower, just what was needed, thank you.

Lilly M – July 29, 2017

Shower chair

We bought it for my mother-in-law. It took a while for her to get adjusted but I think it's working better now.

Jules – June 28, 2017

Mom Loves It

Purchased this for my handicapped 82 yr old Mom. Chair works perfect for her shower. Release is under the front seat in the same place as her electric scooter and works the same way. Chair turns and Mom can step out of the tub. Shower safely completed on her own. No help required.

Maggie H – June 25, 2017

Good support and height

Great swivel chair. My husband can easily use this chair by backing up with his walker and swivel to shower. It's more supportive than a shower bench.

Janice n – June 15, 2017

Best chair ever

This chair is study, comfortable and easy to use, I am a heavy disabled woman ad this is the easiest chair I have ever used. Taking a shower is a joy now. I highly recommend this chair!

BC – June 15, 2017

This chair is sturdy and simple to use. It is the most reasonably priced chair that I have found.

A Great Find!

Constance M – June 10, 2017

Exactly what we needed!

After trying several other shower seats/benches the MOBB swivel adjustable bath seat is just what we needed. We tried a sliding shower bench but it did not allow enough space to safely move about. The lever to swivel is easy to control allowing my elderly mother-in-law to assist in her care. The padded seat and back are comfortable. Many thanks to Jet for the quick delivery. We will absolutely look to your site for future needs.

Faye Fears – April 29, 2017

Love this chair :)

My mother loves this chair.

MOBBHHC Customer – April 16, 2017

Five Star

Reversible backrest mounting would be an improved option to improve the configuration of seat release lever to the seating position.

Shanna Mahoney – April 10, 2017

This is an excellent shower chair for a small person

This is an excellent shower chair for a small person. I purchased this for my mother-in-law and she is a large person. I love that it swivels all the way around and it is very comfortable for a petite person. They legs are too close together and there is a very great risk of it tipping over. They really should manufacture a model intended for taller heavier folks. I would have willing paid more for a larger, studier chair. Also could not return it once the package was opened and how do you know it is too small unless you actually see it? Otherwise a great concept. The chair was easy to assemble and as I said before it was good quality, just too small for us.

Dee – March 30, 2017

This is a miracle!

This is an absolute miracle. I live in a double wide, so the bathtub is not very wide, but this fits perfectly. I have to get around using a rollator and getting into the tub was is a scary hassle. I had a bath stool in there, but with no back and no arms, it was not very secure feeling. With this, all I have to do a swivel it so that the chair is facing the outside of the tub, back up into it and sit down. Then I swivel it around and get my feet into the tub while I'm doing that. So much safer!

Danny – March 25, 2017

This chair is great. We needed it for my elderly mom

This chair is great. We needed it for my elderly mom. With this chair, she does not lean to the side or backwards and the swivel is great. It is a great product and very easy to assemble. Well worth the money!

MOBBHHC Customer – March 2, 2017

I brought this for my mom and love it. easy for her to get in and ..

I brought this for my mom and love it. easy for her to get in and then turn her into the shower with the swivel seat. I recommend this for anyone that has problems getting into the shower.

Jody – February 15, 2017

Easy Assembled Swivel Seat

This Adjustable Swivel Chair is easy to assemble and has adjustable legs. Fits people of all sizes. I highly recommend this bath chair to all who may need this. One thing that would be nice if Walmart would carry this product. Comes in a compact size package.

Fred M. Culiner – January 12, 2017

Try the luxury of a turnable shower chair.

Up until now, I would transfer from my wheelchair to a fixed shower chair. my back was toward the shower spray. Now, I can swivel around to any of 360* and enjoy a shower again. When done, I can turn so that I am facing the shower door and exit more safely. MOBB, thank you for designing this chair. It is a blessing.

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